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Love the delicate detailing on this @shophopes dress.. 💙
One more of yesterday’s white-out look… #ontheblog
Wearing white-on-white in support of my ‘White-Out’ article published in @figmentmagazine today! P.S.- y’all should def purchase it 💁😉 #ootd #whiteout
Hey ladies!! I’ve teamed up with @monkeesofmountainbrook for a @jackrogersusa giveaway!!! Just follow the directions to be entered to win! Ends July 28th! ❤️ #iwantjackrogers
Treating myself to a manicure after writing an article for @figmentmagazine.. [and chipping a nail or two in the process!] 😉💅 (at Serenity Nail Spa)

Grace Kelly, photo by Howell Conant


Red sole on We Heart It.
"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." | Coco Chanel
black white & denim [+ shorter hair]
I always enjoy when God puts little mood-boosters in your life.. I ran into Starbucks this morning before work to grab my “regular” (grande medium roast with two shots of espresso and non-fat milk), and was feeling kind of down due to a lot of stress from thinking about the near future. As I was leaving, a woman handed me this sleeve, and said, “Follow your passion, beautiful.” Those four words will forever stick with me, because I know God was speaking to me through that sweet stranger. What a great start to my busy day.. 💗 “Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose.” -Oprah Winfrey (at BID Designs )