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Dressed in my go-to “running errands outfit”…all of this packing and planning is stressing your girl out! But luckily I have this amazing @tossdesigns clutch to drag around with me!!! [P.S.- congrats to @lallen_23 on winning my @jackrogersusa giveaway!!! Email me for more information!]
BIG NEWS!!! I’m moving to New York City next week for a PR internship with @kruppgroup! I still cannot even believe that this is’s been my dream to live there ever since I was a little girl, and I have God to thank for this wonderful experience to come ❤️🗽 (at NYC, my new home)
Fridays call for simple pieces and juicing 💁 #wegotthebeet [P.S.- my whole outfit is from Target. You know you’re addicted when….]
This dress has become my new obsession, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Plus, the bright pink looks so chic with gold and white accessories 😉💗 [P.S.- I’ve caved and started an IG closet: @monogrammedprepcloset!!]
I have been wearing so much black lately, it’s not even funny. So I guess I’m going for a chic-grunge look? Works for me. #allblackeverything
Planning out more articles for @figmentmagazine.. [and trying not to blow the budget on new fashion reads!]
Being published in a magazine for the first time is honestly the best feeling ever. I’m having more fun as the PR Director and writing for @figmentmagazine than I could have imagined!! So excited to see our magazine grow and continue writing articles for it 💗 #whiteout



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